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Trail My Car is Kenya's premier vehicle tracking company, offering cutting-edge GPS solutions tailored to meet your needs. With swift installation services available at our offices in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Meru, Kisumu, Thika, Nyeri, Kisii, Embu, Machakos equipping your vehicle with our advanced tracking technology is effortless. Our responsive tracking systems ensure real-time monitoring from any device, empowering you to manage your fleet with ease and efficiency. From fuel management to asset security, our comprehensive services provide peace of mind and protection for your vehicles and assets. Trust Trail My Car for reliable, innovative vehicle tracking solutions in Kenya.

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Our Solutions

Animals GPS Tracker

Trailmycar offers innovative devices designed to monitor and track the movements of animals in real-time. These trackers are particularly useful for owners concerned about their pets' safety and location.

GPS Tracking Devices

Trailmycar tracking devices utilize satellite technology to pinpoint and monitor the location of vehicles. They are invaluable tools for fleet management, asset tracking, personal safety, and security purposes.

Auto GPS Tracker Device

Trailmycar auto GPS tracker device is a compact and discreet device that is installed in vehicles to monitor their movements and location. These devices are commonly used for vehicle security, fleet management, and monitoring driving behaviours.

Auto Tracker

Trailmycar auto tracker is a device or system used to monitor and track the location and movements of vehicles in real-time. It provides valuable information for fleet managers and vehicle owners.

Auto Tracker Device

Trailmycar auto tracker device is a sophisticated piece of technology that uses GPS and cellular networks to provide real-time tracking of vehicles. It offers features such as location tracking, speed monitoring, and geo-fencing.

Auto Tracking

Trailmycar auto tracking refers to the process of monitoring and recording the movements of vehicles automatically using GPS tracking technology. It provides valuable data for various applications, including fleet management, logistics, and security.

Automobile GPS Tracking

Trailmycar GPS tracking involves the use of GPS technology to monitor and track the location of vehicles. It is widely used in fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery, and monitoring driving behaviours.

Best Car Tracker

Trailmycar tracking devices offer reliable tracking capabilities, advanced features, and ease of use. It provides accurate real-time location data, geofencing options, and tracking alerts for vehicle owners.

Best Car Tracking Company

Trailmycar is the best car tracking company, offering a comprehensive range of tracking services, including vehicle tracking, fleet management, dash cameras, speed governors, and fuel management system.

Best Car Track Company Kenya

Trailmycar is the best car tracking company in Kenya known for top-notch vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. We offer a wide range of features tailored to the Kenyan market.

Best Car Track Company Nairobi Kenya

Trailmycar is the best car tracking in Nairobi, Kenya, providing innovative tracking solutions customized to the unique needs of clients in the city.

Best Dashcam Kenya

Trailmycar has the best dashcam in Kenya, capturing clear video footages with features such as G-sensor technology and wide-angle lenses for maximum coverage and safety.

Best Fleet Management System

Trailmycar has the best fleet management system with comprehensive features to optimize fleet operations, including GPS tracking, route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and driver behaviours monitoring.

Best Fuel Monitoring System

The best fuel monitoring system provides accurate data on fuel usage, fuel levels, and fuel efficiency, helping businesses manage fuel consumption and reduce costs effectively.

Boats GPS Tracking

Trailmycar offers boat GPS tracking devices designed to monitor the location and movements of boats and marine vessels, essential for boat owners.

Bus Dashcam Kenya

Trailmycar offers bus dashcams crucial for ensuring passenger safety, monitoring driver behaviours, and providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes, with features such as GPS tracking and dual-lens recording.


Trailmycar GPS systems provide accurate navigation and location information for clients using satellite technology.

Car GPS Tracker

Trailmycar GPS tracker monitors vehicle location in real-time, offering valuable information for vehicle owners and fleet managers.

Car GPS Tracker App

Trailmycar GPS tracker app is a mobile application that allows users to track their vehicles using smartphones, offering features like real-time tracking and geofencing.

Car GPS Tracker Locator

Trailmycar GPS tracker locator helps users pinpoint the exact location of their vehicles in real-time, providing accurate coordinates and mapping information.

Car GPS Tracker System

Trailmycar GPS tracker system is a comprehensive solution for vehicle tracking and monitoring, including GPS tracking device, software/mobile app, and backend servers.

Car Location Tracker

A car location tracker monitors and tracks vehicle location in real-time, providing historical tracking information and alerts for events like speeding.

Car Locator Device

Trailmycar locator device is compact and discreet, attached to vehicles for tracking purposes, commonly used for vehicle security.

Car Monitoring

Trailmycar monitoring uses tracking devices and software to monitor and analyze vehicle behaviors, providing insights into factors like fuel consumption and driver behaviors.

Car Monitoring System

Trailmycar monitoring system is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing vehicles, including GPS tracking devices and software.

Car Tracing

Car tracing involves tracking and locating vehicles using GPS technology, commonly used for vehicle recovery and fleet management.

Car Track and Trace

Car track and trace systems monitor vehicle movements in real-time, providing valuable information for fleet managers and law enforcement agencies.

Car Track Installation in Kenya

Trailmycar track installation in Kenya involves installing GPS tracking devices in vehicles to monitor location and movements, essential for vehicle security and fleet optimization.

Car Track Installation in Nairobi

Trailmycar track installation in Nairobi installs GPS tracking devices in vehicles operating in the city, enhancing security, reducing fuel consumption, and improving fleet management.

Fuel Monitoring System

Trailmycar fuel monitoring system is a specialized solution used to monitor and manage fuel usage in vehicles or equipment. It typically includes hardware such as fuel sensors,software for data analysis, and features such as real-time monitoring, fuel level alerts, and fuel efficiency reports.

Fleet GPS Systems

Trailmycar GPS systems are comprehensive solutions designed to track and manage fleets of vehicles efficiently. These systems typically include GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles, software platforms for monitoring and analysing data, and features such as route optimization, driver behaviours monitoring, and maintenance scheduling.

Fleet Management System

Trailmycar fleet management system is a comprehensive solution used to manage and optimize fleets of vehicles. It includes features such as GPS tracking, route planning, vehicle maintenance scheduling, driver management, improve efficiency, and enhance safety.

Fleet Management Tracking

Trailmycar Fleet management tracking involves the use of GPS technology to monitor and track the location and performance of vehicles in a fleet. It provides valuable insights into factors such as vehicle utilization, fuel consumption, and driver behaviours, enabling customer to optimize their fleet operations.

Fleet Tracker

Trailmycar fleet tracker is a GPS tracking device installed in vehicles to monitor their location and movements. Fleet trackers are commonly used in fleet management to improve efficiency and enhance security.

Fleet Tracking

Trailmycar fleet tracking involves the use of GPS technology to monitor and track the location of vehicles in a fleet. It provides real-time visibility into vehicle movements, enabling clients to optimize routes, reduce fuel costs and improve productivity.

Fleet Tracking Solution

Trailmycar fleet tracking solution is a comprehensive system used to monitor and manage fleets of vehicles. It typically includes GPS tracking devices, software platforms for data analysis and reporting, and features such as route optimization, driver behaviours monitoring, and maintenance scheduling to help clients optimize their fleet operations.

Fleet Tracking System Cost

The cost of a fleet tracking system varies depending on factors such as the number of vehicles to be tracked, the features included in the system. Costs include hardware, installation, subscription fees, and ongoing support.

Fleet Vehicle Tracker

Trailmycar fleet vehicle tracker is a GPS tracking device installed in vehicles to monitor their location and movements. Fleet vehicle trackers are essential tools for fleet managers, providing real-time visibility into vehicle operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing security.

Truck Tracking

Using GPS technology to monitor and manage the location, speed, and route of trucks in real-time, enhancing logistics efficiency and security..

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)

A technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects equipped with RFID tags, commonly used for inventory management, access control, and asset tracking

Taxi Tracking

Utilizing GPS and software systems to monitor the location and movement of taxis, improving dispatching, customer service, and safety.

Track Trail My Car

Tracking the movement and location of a car, especially useful for security purposes or monitoring vehicle usage, often done using GPS tracking devices or mobile apps.

Vehicle CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

Installing cameras in vehicles to record footage of both the interior and exterior, enhancing safety, security, and monitoring of activities within and around the vehicle.