Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions For Personal Vehicles. Track Directly from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Office Computer


Fleet Management

Fleet Management System for Taxis, Car Hire, Commercial Vehicles. Always Know the Location of Each and Every One of Your Fleet Vehicles.


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring Solutions For Commercial Fleets and Business Vehicles. Monitor Real Time Fuel Consumption of Your Commercial Fleet Vehicles.


Location Address Monitoring via GPS and Personal Computer

TrailMyCar Advanced Vehicle Tracking Technology allows vehicle owners to monitor in real time the location of their vehicle through their Laptop, Personal Computer, iPad or even Mobile Phone SMS. This way as the owner of a vehicle you have 24 hours access to vehicle surveillance provided by our online tracking system. Our Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Generates Real Time Reports of where your vehicle is at any time of the day or night.


Vehicle Location Address Monitoring and Tracking via GPS and Personal Computer

Vehicle Location Address Monitoring and Tracking via GPS and Personal Computer


Vehicle Location Playback of Where Vehicle Has Been All Day

Our Vehicle tracking technology will continuously record the location of your vehicle every minute, this way if you want to playback and see where your vehicle has been all day our system will generate route reports and show you where your car was, the time your car was in a particular location, how long your vehicle stopped at a particular location and how many times it stopped during the day.


Reduced Motor Vehicle Theft for Taxi, Car Hire and Car Rental Companies

Taxi Owners, Car Hire and Rental Car Companies can track all their vehicles from a single platform provide by "TrailMyCar" Tracking System, Just by Login in to our system a vehicle owner will get detailed minute by minute reports of where their Taxi or Car Hire Vehicle is at any one given moment. Vehicle owners can even activate SMS Reports and Get SMS Reports directly on their mobile phones.


Engine Cut Off from Mobile Phone and Laptop or Computer

Vehicle Owners can stop their vehicles at any time from their mobile phone or their computer, Just sending an SMS command, and our vehicle tracking technology will Cut Off the Engine of your car and Stop Your Vehicle within Seconds and you will continue receiving Vehicle Location Updates minute by minute.


Geo Fencing Vehicle Route

Confine your vehicle movement within a Geo Location, for example within Nairobi Metropolitan Area and any time you vehicle leaves this Geo Location You will automatically receive an SMS alert on your Mobile Phone of you current vehicle location and minute by minute updates. You can then contact your driver and enquire more about the location of the car or you can Cut Off the engine and then enquire about the Vehicle Whereabouts.


Fast Vehicle Recovery in Case of Theft

Once you suspect your vehicle is stolen you only need your phone, send an SMS and Cut Off the engine from anywhere within Kenya. The same command can also be sent for engine Cut Off via Laptop or Office Computer. Our Vehicle Fleet Tracking System will then notify you minute by minute location of your vehicle as our vehicle recovery team tracks and recovers the vehicle for you. It takes our teams just hours to track you vehicle as we have tracking teams located all over the country in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika, Nyeri, Kisumu, Meru, Embu and Mombasa.

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