Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions For Personal Vehicles. Track Directly from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Office Computer


Fleet Management

Fleet Management System for Taxis, Car Hire, Commercial Vehicles. Always Know the Location of Each and Every One of Your Fleet Vehicles.


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring Solutions For Commercial Fleets and Business Vehicles. Monitor Real Time Fuel Consumption of Your Commercial Fleet Vehicles.


Reduced Operations Cost and Better Fuel Usage Audit

For Fleet Vehicle owners the highest expense is fuel; that is why all fleet vehicle owners must come up with a means of auditing the fuel consumption of their fleet vehicles in order to maximize their profits from their commercial activities. This is where TrailMyCar Fuel Monitoring System comes in, Just by visiting our office it takes two hours for our team of engineers to install the fuel monitoring device on any of your vehicle, after installation all you need is a mobile phone or a laptop and by login in to our online vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system, your can monitor real time fuel consumption of all your vehicles from anywhere as long you have access to the internet. You can even monitor your vehicle fuel consumption from outside the country, whether you are in the UK, USA, CHINA or any country on a business trip, You will still have real time access to reports of your vehicle location and fuel consumption reports for your vehicle.

Fuel Monitoring Solution for Fleet Vehicles and Commercial Business Vehicles

Fuel Monitoring Solution for Fleet Vehicles and Commercial Business Vehicles


This means that you will always have control over your business from anywhere at any time through our vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system, more control over your business means more profit for you as you will seal any loop holes that anyone may be using to interfere with your business, even if it is your employees. Just Contact our Sales Team and ask for more details on how we can help your business and improve your profits by giving you 24-7 control of your business all from the convenience of your laptop, mobile phone or iPad.



Stop Fuel Theft and Fuel Siphoning With Real Time Fuel Monitoring Reports

Using our Fuel Motoring Device shown below our system will generate fuel consumption reports as shown below: Notice The Graph Immediately goes up upon refueling, but the normal fuel consumption shows a gradual fuel consumption, any other pattern of consumption will generate an alert of fuel siphoning and our system will even show you how much fuel was siphoned if any.


This way you can verify from the reports generated that every shilling spent on fuel is going towards your commercial activities and not into someone else's pocket.

Fuel Monitoring Consumption Reports Generated by Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring Consumption Reports and Fuel Monitoring Device


Reports of Location Where Your Vehicle Was Fueled

Our Fuel Monitoring System will show the location where your vehicle is fueled, therefore if you want your vehicle to always be fueled from a specific petrol station our fuel monitoring will also show a report of the location where your vehicle is refueled. If a vehicle is refueled from any other location, then a report and an alert will be generated.



Fuel Usage and Kilometers Per Fuel Litre Report

With our Detailed Reports and Fuel Statistics Analysis Reports, our system will calculate fuel consumed by a vehicle per kilometer, therefore as a business owner you can analyze weekly or monthly consumption of fuel per kilometer for each vehicle and identify which vehicles are not fuel efficient and take these vehicles for service or identify if bad driving is present.

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