Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions For Personal Vehicles. Track Directly from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Office Computer


Fleet Management

Fleet Management System for Taxis, Car Hire, Commercial Vehicles. Always Know the Location of Each and Every One of Your Fleet Vehicles.


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring Solutions For Commercial Fleets and Business Vehicles. Monitor Real Time Fuel Consumption of Your Commercial Fleet Vehicles.


Trailmycar is one of the leaders in tracking services and is committed to ensure that you are always aware of the location of your asset. You monitor it yourself and therefore you can't loose it!

We provide excellent customer care services and follow up on our customers through maintenance and regular upgrades on our systems.




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•  Stop vehicle remotely

•  Current vehicle position report

•  Tracking by time interval

•  SOS panic button - incase of hijackings where one presses the panic button that alerts selected phone numbers and our monitoring system.

•  Geo-fencing control - where we put a radius and if your car is out of that perimeter you get an sms alert that also gives you the option of cutting off your engine.

•  Speeding alert - controls and monitors your drivers so as to ensure they are driving at desirable speeds.

•  Engine Cut Off via sms - in case of theft, you can immobilize the car which gives us a higher chance of recovery.

•  Daily status report - shows position of the vehicle at time intervals and speed of your vehicle.

•  Fuel management - you receive an alert message once your track fuel tank is tampered with i.e. opening and closing of compartment.

•  Internal backup battery - it is located in the device and in case the car battery power is disconnected, we can still track the vehicle location for up to 3 days.



Our system has been proven to be efficient and highly competitive. It assists our clients achieve the following goals;

•  Cut operational costs

•  Increase revenue

•  Monitor and control the movement of the vehicle

•  Saves lives

•  Fuel control




Our system uses the most recent technology in the market making our packages second to none. We believe in quality and affordability giving everyone a chance to secure their property. The following packages are offered to our customers:


1. Trailmycar I - This package is tailor-made for personal vehicles. Its main features are:

    1. SOS panic button
    2. Engine cut off
    3. Exact location of car when stolen
    4. User name and password to access the system


2. Trailmycar F - This is a fleet management package tailored for: transport companies, leasing and car rental companies, delivery and distribution companies. Its main features are:

    1. Current position report
    2. Speed reports and alerts
    3. Mileage reports
    4. Geo-fencing control
    5. Stop report
    6. SOS panic button
    7. Engine cut off
    8. Exact location of car when stolen
    9. User name and password to access the system


3. Trailmycar T - This is a fleet management package tailored for long distance transport operators; trailers and haulers.

    1. Current location report
    2. Tracking by time interval
    3. Built-in motion sensor for power saving
    4. SOS panic button
    5. Geo-fencing control
    6. Low battery alert
    7. Speeding alert
    8. Engine Cut
    9. Wiretapping (optional)
    10. Alert when vehicle enters/exits GPS blind area
    11. Alert when vehicle is turned on
    12. Sound recording


4.Trailmycar M - this is tailor made for motor cycles tracking incase of theft and also to know the location

    1. Exact location of motorcycle when stolen.
    2. User name and password to access the system.
    3. Low battery alert
    4. Current location report
    5. Tracking by time interval
    6. Built-in motion sensor for power saving





How Our System Works


1. The Tracking Unit

A tracking unit is covertly installed in the vehicle. This is done to make sure that the unit is not sabotaged or damaged in any case. The tracking unit receives GPS signal and the on-board processor translates and encodes these signals. This information together with other vehicle status such as Current speed, ignition, battery voltage, mileage, doors etc. are all packed together into a single transmission data, encoded, encrypted and transmitted directly to our Control Center using the widely available GSM Network.


2. The Control Center

Our Control Center receives the data sent from the tracking unit, decodes and decrypts the message with all the information about the vehicle and feeds it into the Control Center Application (CCA). The Control Center software uses this data to identify the transmitting unit(s) details, locations and maps.


3. Tracking Website

The web server receives information from the Central Control Application which is equipped with powerful map engine and a map server. It translates the data and displays on the map the different status of the vehicle. The site is fully secured to avoid compromising your vehicle security.


Vehicle Tracking System in Kenya: TrailMyCar Uvacorp Technologies Ltd.

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System in Kenya: "TrailMyCar" Uvacorp Technologies Ltd. Software




Each customer has specific username and password which one uses to login into the system. Our system is online and accessible from all the computers in the world. You don't have to carry your personal computer while traveling. Just login our website to know your vehicle status.



Current Vehicle Position Report Verification and Vehicle Tracking System

Current Vehicle Position Report Verification - Vehicle Tracking System



Geo Fencing Reports - Geo Fencing a Vehicle within a Specific Geo Location

Geo Fencing Reports - Geo Fencing a Vehicle within a Specific Geo Location


HISTORY REVIEW (Playback Where Your Car Has Been All Day)

Playback The Locations Where Your Car Has Been all Day

Playback The Locations Where Your Car Has Been All Day



Speed Alert Reports Generated by TrailMyCar Vehicle Tracking System

Speed Alert Reports Generated by "TrailMyCar" Vehicle Tracking System




It is important to note that GPS is global because there are over twenty satellites currently orbiting the earth and are broadcasting signals constantly.  These signals contain specialized bits of data that are used by our specialized receiving devices to determine the location of a device on the face of the earth. The GPS fleet tracking device gets a handful of signals' from satellites which it then processes into position data.  The device kicks on its cell phone modem and it begins transmitting the data over a cell phone network to our server.



Once the GPS devices get data of their location they transmit their location to our windows server. The server is the home to our php my sql software which is very user friendly. The software database receives the position data from the GPS device and translates position on a map server so our clients can get the location of their vehicles. The software can also get information like total distance travelled by a car, current speed of a motor vehicle and all the features that are earlier listed under “OUR PRODUCT”. Uvacorp Technologies is currently using this product. Below are screen shots of our system showing how our clients will be able to determine the position of their vehicles' location.


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