Vehicle Tracking

Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions For Personal Vehicles. Track Directly from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Office Computer


Fleet Management

Fleet Management System for Taxis, Car Hire, Commercial Vehicles. Always Know the Location of Each and Every One of Your Fleet Vehicles.


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring Solutions For Commercial Fleets and Business Vehicles. Monitor Real Time Fuel Consumption of Your Commercial Fleet Vehicles.


Our Advanced Vehicle Tracking System uses the most recent state of the art technology in the Kenyan market, making our vehicle tracking package second to none. We believe in quality, affordability and giving everyone a chance to secure their vehicle. The following vehicle tracking package tailor made for personal cars is offered to our customers:


Trailmycar I

Trailmycar I - This package is tailor-made for personal vehicles. Its main features are:

    1. Car Tracking Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer
    2. SOS panic button
    3. Engine cut off directly from Mobile Phone or Computer
    4. Exact location of a stolen vehicle and Continuous Monitoring
    5. User Name and Password to access the TrailMyCar Online Vehicle Tracking System
    6. Setting of Custom Alerts such as Speeding Alerts
    7. Internal Power Backup up to 3 days
    8. Mileage Reports
    9. Vehicle Location Using Mobile Phone
    10. Power Disconnection Alert and Backup
    11. Vehicle Stay Details/Idle Time Reports
    12. Real-time Location Reports
    13. Speed Reports
    14. History Reports and Vehicle Route Playback


Car Tracking in Kenya Using TrailMyCar Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

Track Your Car From Anywhere in Kenya Using TrailMyCar Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

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