Vehicle Tracking

Container Tracking and Merchandise on Transit Tracking

Container Tracking and Asset Tracking is one of our security solution provided to cargo transporters who want to track cargo and Merchandise that is on transit. This system generates tracking reports that shows the exact location of a Container and Merchandise that is on transit. The container tracking device has a battery can power the transmission for up to 5 years.


This Security Solution is Suitable for Train Operators, Cargo handlers, Container Shipping Companies, Fuel Transporters and Trailer Companies. This tracking solution allows cargo handlers to locate the location of their merchandise at any time and they can track the merchandise at any time and recover it in case of merchandise theft.


CCTV Security Cameras surveillance for Office Buildings

We Provide Security Solution to Office Buildings. For Offices Such as Law Firms, Town Shops, Storage Facilities, Private Offices our CCTV camera surveillance Security Solution ensures that you can access online footage from our surveillance system and have access to recorded CCTV surveillance footage. We offer both Indoors and Outdoors CCTV surveillance Security Solutions so that you can monitor what is happening inside your office building and also the environment just outside your office building. We also install Gate surveillance CCTV surveillance Security Cameras.

We also provide Indoor and Outdoor CCTV surveillance for other facilities such as storage spaces, warehouses and Go downs.


Car Alarms, Gear Locks and Car Anti-Theft Systems

Our Car Security Solution in addition to car tracking systems we also provide car alarm, gear locks and comprehensive car Antitheft Systems. This Car Antitheft System provides the complete solution that safeguards your car against any car theft attempt and alerts the vehicle owner of any car theft attempt through SMS alerts. Car Alarm and Gear Locks provide extra security against any car theft attempts.


Watch Lock/Report Lock

Watch Lock is an Advanced Padlock Systems that secures your property and at the same time generates reports. This Locking System has an Intrusion Detection System that sends an SMS Alert if anybody tries to tamper with it. At the same time the lock also has an alarm system that sounds once someone tries to tamper with the Watch Lock.


This Security Watch Lock is Suitable for Shop Owners and Go down owners that are located far from where you stay. For example an owner of a shop in town can use this locking system and any night break-in attempt; our report lock will immediately send an SMS alert to the shop owners' phone alerting them to the break-in. The lock will also sound an alarm.


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