Stop Fuel Theft: Save Unnecessary Expenses and Always Track and Monitor Vehicle Fuel Consumption From Anywhere at Any Time, with our Advanced Fuel Monitoring Software.


Stop Fuel Theft Using TrailMyCar Fuel Management Solution

Stop Fuel Theft Using "TrailMyCar" Fuel Management Solution


Best For Fleet Vehicle Owners, Our System Generates Minute by Minute Reports of Fuel Consumption of all your fleet vehicles, that way you are always ahead when it comes to monitoring the fuel consumption of all your vehicles, that way you know every shilling you spend on Fuel is going towards your business activities and not to someone else pocket.


This is why You Need TrailMyCar Advanced Fuel Management System installed on all Your Fleet Vehicles. We have provided solutions to many Fleet Vehicle Owners especially Long Distance Transport owners who are very happy with our Fuel Monitoring Solutions.


Fuel Monitoring System and Solutions in Kenya For Commercial and Business Vehicles

Our Fuel Monitoring System: Monitor Fuel Consumption to Safeguard against Fuel Siphoning and Theft


Example of Fuel Monitoring Graph and Fuel Monitoring Device

Fuel Consumption Reports Generated by TrailMyCar Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring Reports and "TrailMyCar" Fuel Monitoring Device


Our Fuel Monitoring System Generates Fuel Consumption Reports like the one above for every vehicle on your fleet, this way you can monitor the fuel consumption from the time your vehicle is refueled and the gradual consumption of the fuel. If there is any tampering or siphoning of fuel, the fuel consumption graph will generate a report showing unusual fuel consumption. Using your computer you can monitor real time fuel consumption and even set an alert to be notified in any case of fuel theft or fuel siphoning.

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